Friday, April 22 2016 20:20 EEST
Watch: A mass child marriage ceremony where girls as young as five were forced to wed older grooms in India
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YouTube/Ayu Azhari

This annoying video shows crying children, some as young as five, being forced to marry older grooms in a mass ceremony in India.

In India, people secretly continue to perform the ancient tradition of child marriage despite the laws prohibiting such practices. The unseemly wedding ceremony has been captured on camera.

It was a mass ceremony with several "couples". The brides and grooms were only children. Some of the little girls were as young as five years old.

This little crying girl was forced to marry the teenager, who is also not so happy with his bride.

Besides, another ten-year-old girl is crying uncontrollably as she holds the hand of her teenage partner.

It is known that the heartrending video was taken in Chittorgarh, a city in Rajasthan, northern India, a state of the country, where ancient Hindu rituals prevail.

According to the Indian law, the legal age for girls to marry is 18 and boys are allowed to wed in 21.

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