Friday, April 22 2016 02:50 EEST
The sensational revelation of terrorist Zakharchenko: Ukrainian party will take part in DNR elections in the occupied territory of Donbass
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A separatist leader, Alexander Zakharchenko, told about Ukrainian party he "allowed" to participate in the elections in the occupied territory of Donetsk region.

He said that he is ready to allow Ukrainian party "Opposition Bloc" to participate in elections of the "fake republic."

Opposition Bloc is a Ukrainian political party that was founded in 2014, after 6 parties that did not endorse Euromaidan merged. In the 2014 election, it won 29 seats.

The party's 2014 election programme was social-liberal and pro-Russophone.The Opposition Bloc platform envisages protecting the status of Russian as a regional language.

The party wants "maximum decentralization" for Ukraine. It also supports the establishment of a non-aligned status for Ukraine and aims to prevent it from becoming a NATO member.

Zakharchenko: "I have already said earlier that I exclude Ukrainian political parties from participation in our elections. The local residents will "tear" them, especially the "Right Sector" and "Svoboda” (political party)." The only party that can get that chance is the Opposition Bloc. But only with certain conditions."

According to Zakharchenko, the DNR occupation authorities only will allow the "Opposition Bloc" to vote in the elections, when the party will publicly repents for its support of a military operation in the east of Ukraine.

Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko is a separatist leader, who is the current leader and Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed state and a rebel group Donetsk People's Republic, which declared independence from Ukraine on 11 May 2014.

It was reported earlier by Roman Bessmertniy that the Ukrainian side has voiced its position concerning the elections in the occupied Donbass. However, Minsk hosts a meeting of the Tripartite Liaison Group, and, as a result, a document regulating the conduct of elections in the occupied part of Donbass may appear.

Bessmertniy noticed that the Russian side has not voiced its position about the elections in Donbass yet.

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