Friday, April 22 2016 01:40 EEST
President of Ukraine had a phone conversation with a national hero Nadiya Savchenko
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During the meeting with Nadiya Savchenko’s mother, Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with Ukrainian pilot, who is illegally retained in Russian prison.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko had a conversation with Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko over the phone. The conversation took place during President's meeting with mother of Nadiya Savchenko Mariya Ivanivna and her sister Vera.

During the call, Petro Poroshenko said he was very happy to finally be able to communicate with Nadiya. He noticed that the whole country support her, being proud of her persistence.

"The entire country is proud of you, your persistence, courage and patriotism. You have become a symbol of Ukraine, Ukraine keeps doing everything for your liberation," the President said.

He discussed with her the steps aimed at her liberation and told the details of his phone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The President, Nadiya’s mother and sister asked her to stop the hunger strike.

Poroshenko: "Even in such conditions, we should preserve your health."

Nadiya Savchenko agreed to stop the hunger strike temporarily.

The President said that he is ready to send his own aircraft to Russia to bring Nadiya Savchenko back home.

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