Wednesday, April 20 2016 03:05 EEST
Trump confused the date of '9/11' with 7-Eleven store
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Scandalous billionaire confused the terrorist act in New Your with the supply chain.

The possible candidate to the president post of the USA from Republican Party Donald Trump confused the date of 9/11 terrorist strike in New York. As CNN reports, politician committed the slip during his speech in Buffalo, NY.

Trump was telling the audience about him being near the attacked World Trade Centre and where he saw the policemen and firemen doing their job. ‘They were the greatest people working I ever saw’, - he admitted.

While the speech the billionaire named the tragedy which are often called 9/11, the other number – 7/11. It coincides with the name of the huge supply chain of food stores 7-Eleven.

Obviously politician hasn’t noticed his slip, CNN noted.

As it was just told, Trump is leading in the presidency race among the candidates from Republicans.

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