Wednesday, April 20 2016 02:10 EEST
Belgium: ISIS sends more militants to Europe
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Belgian authorities won’t lower the third level of terrorism threat. ‘There is every indication that ISIS sent its militants to Europe and established now the third level of terrorisms threat won’t be lowered’, - Belgian crisis centre told.

Belgium said that the terrorist organization ‘Islamic state’ has begun sending more militants to Europe, Reuters reports.

As the agency has noted, the third level means the government thinks that the new terrorist attacks are possible.

Recently 32 have died and hundreds were wounded in result of the acts of terror in the airport and in the underground of Brussels on March 22. The responsibility for attacks was taken by ISIS.

The level of threat in Belgium was lowered from the maximum forth level in two days after the attacks.

German intelligence service reported that ISIS plans attacks in Germany on April 10.

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