Thursday, April 21 2016 00:40 EEST
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PlayStation will indeed be getting an upgrade over its original model, codenamed "NEO"
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The game console will become more powerful in all aspects. According to Giant Bomb, more reports that were recently released showcase the existence of the rumored "PlayStation 4.5", codenamed "NEO."

The game console will have a new 8-core processor at 2.1 GHz, improved graphics processor, and RAM.

Important details on the project will be announced later, including the requirements for game developers.

Sony doesn't plan to divide the players community depending on the PlayStation 4 version, so that they can continue to play together in multiplayer games.

In addition, the exclusive content is still not available for the owners of an updated console.

All new games should have the support of NEO and basic mode since October 2016. Moreover, a supplement for the products that were released before can be created in order to fully use the increased technical capabilities of the upgraded console.

NEO will not bring any benefits for VR, but its growing power is also very useful for this technology.

The new console will support 4K video format, but such high quality is not compulsory for the developers.

NEO price has not been disclosed yet, but it is expected that it will cost $399. The release date is also unknown.

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