Wednesday, April 20 2016 20:10 EEST
The case of Captain Evgen Yerofeyev and Sergeant Alexander Alexandrov, both convicted of terrorism, is compared with the case of Savchenko
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The Russians Alexandrov and Yerofeyev, who have been convicted of terrorism in Ukraine, are sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment by a Kiev court.

Ukraine considers that they are fighters of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate.

Evgen Yerofeyev and Alexander Alexandrov were taken to the medical service of "Aydar" battalion in the evening of May 16. Aleksandrov was suffering from gunshot fracture of the femur, while Yerofeyev was wounded in his right shoulder.

According to Yerofeyev, their case is completely identical to the case of Savchenko. "They say that we are guilty or not guilty... Not even looking at our cases. I will not argue, whatever. Maybe it was revenge? Someone will say: Yes! We avenged Savchenko." But then the question is: "What differentiates you from Russia?'" – he added.

After the announcement of the verdict, the lawyer of Savchenko Ilya Novikov said that he would discuss the possible actions on exchange of the prisoners.

Nadiya Viktorivna Savchenko was captured by pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine. After the capture, she was handed over to Russia, where she was accused of having directed artillery fire that killed two Russian state-television journalists at the positions of pro-Russian forces in Ukraine in June, 2014.

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