Tuesday, April 19 2016 21:00 EEST
Two teenagers were bored and decided to destroy a cemetery in one of the villages in the Urals region, Russia
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Two teenagers are suspected of smashing 34 monuments at the cemetery of the Ural's village Berdyugina, according to the website of Russian Research Affairs in Sverdlovsk region. The incident was reported by local police.

"Investigators found that 34 burial monuments were damaged by vandals. According to the detection of traces of shoes, the guards suggested that this act could have been made by teenagers," a statement reads.

As a result, the police have identified the suspects – two teens of 2007 and 2009 years of birth.

''They didn't hide for a long time and confessed to the crime in the presence of parents, and even burst into tears, promising that this will not happen again," the press service added.

Teenagers told that they went to the burial site only because they were very bored. At the same time, they say there are no any sport sections or gym in the village.

According to the police, both children haven’t reached the age of criminal responsibility and because of it their parents got a serious warning for inadequate education of their children.

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