Tuesday, April 19 2016 22:25 EEST
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Watch: Popular Chinese drone maker DJI has unveiled its new drone
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The company DJI has developed a drone Matrice 600 (M600), which is the most powerful drone ever as of today.

A powerful drone Matrice 600 (aka M600) can reach an altitude of 2.5 km and accelerate the speed of 18 meters per second. The information about Matrice 600 is available on its official website.

The weight of the drone is 19 or 20 pounds, which depends on the power of battery.

M600 is able to fly in the air up to 45 minutes without load, and with support for a variety of cameras, offering an 18-minutes fly-time.

DJI M 600 comes with an extended flight time and 5 km range, which makes it suitable to carry a range of cameras.

Its creators say that the device is equipped with two GPS sensors and two gyrostabilizers. Thanks to it, a quadcopter is able to repeat the passed way with a deviation of not more than a centimeter.

The cost of this device is $4,599.

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