Monday, April 18 2016 17:05 EEST
Obama crawls at the White House with Psaki’s kid
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US President Barack Obama dedicated a few minutes of his time to a nine-month daughter of White House Communications Director Jen Psaki – Genevieve (Vivi) Mecher. The picture of the little girl crawling on the floor of the presidential office and Obama standing next to her on all fours was posted on the website

Jen Psaki, married to the Democratic Party’s functionary Gregory Mecher, gave birth to a child in the middle of July, 2015.

Psaki has been occupying the White House Communications Director’s position since April 1, 2015. She succeeded Jennifer Palmer, who had announced her resignation on 5 February.

Psaki had been acting as official representative of the State Department since February, 2013. She worked as Assistant to the US President for Communications in 2009-2011. During Obama's first presidential campaign in 2008, Jen Psaki was his traveling press secretary and later became the deputy press secretary of the White House.

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