Monday, April 18 2016 16:40 EEST
Vampire Chupacabra discovered in Carpathians
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A terrible monstrous bloodsucker known as "chupacabra" was discovered in the Carpathians. Experts have found the mysterious mutant’s remains in the Carpathians, the Daily Star writes.

The bloodsucker’s body scared the nearby town of Colomyia. The residents are afraid that the real alive mythical monsters can be very close.

"I was shocked by the number of its teeth," the man who had found Chupacabra told Ukrainian broadcaster TSN. "This is not a cat. Cat’s teeth differ. And I can see three or four rows of teeth here."

"Just look at it. How awful it is! Chupacabra was our first idea," his wife added.

It is suggested that the infamous Chupacabra kills rabbits and drinks their blood.

Ukrainian wildlife expert Mykhailo Luschak mentioned: "This animal does not match the description of any known species. It has double upper cutting teeth and other features, which are not typical for any known animal."

Earlier this month, Kazakh villagers have noticed strange creatures and described them as horrific monsters.

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