Monday, April 18 2016 16:20 EEST
American election-2016: Clinton and Sanders experience indescribable debate in New York
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Presidential favs Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have strengthened their mutual attacks in a debate before New York’s primary that is planned to be held next Tuesday.

The most recent course of the Democratic race can be described as quite negative, because the candidates were just exchanging peppery remarks about their abilities to become Obama’s successor.

The main reasons for their clashes also included banks, gun control and the minimum wage.

Sanders has won seven contests so far. However, Clinton still has better chances, leading the entire race.

The Vermont senator has gone to Rome in order to make a speech in Vatican, and his supporters have gathered there, wearing special T-shirts with different mottos and images in favor of the candidate.

During the recent debate with the former secretary of state, he said that Clinton was very experienced and smart to become a president, but expressed strong doubt about her judgment.

Mr. Sanders sharply criticizes Clinton’s financial connection with Wall Street and her support of the Iraq War.

Clinton in her turn said she had doubts about Sanders’s adequacy in his proposals after he had tried to provide details, giving an interview to the New York Daily News.

On Wednesday, Sanders organized a campaign that attracted about 25,000 people to a rally in Manhattan.

At the same time, Clinton still has much more supporters, especially in the south of the USA. What is more, she has obtained advantageous number of delegates.

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