Wednesday, April 20 2016 01:10 EEST
China has defined the minimum size of a bribe for the death penalty
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The bribes of more than 460 thousand dollars will be punished with death penalty.

According to Xinhua agency, the Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China decided to apply the capital punishment against officials who received bribe of more than 460 thousand dollars.

The death penalty in China is applied more often than in any other country. According to unofficial data, the country carries out up to five thousand executions each year.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, after coming to power in 2012, began a massive anti-corruption campaign.

The aim of the campaign is the eradication of corruption among officials and improvement of the Party's prestige among the population. There are dozens of high-ranking officials and top managers of state-owned companies under investigation in China.

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