Tuesday, April 19 2016 23:18 EEST
Several Syrian rebel groups have announced a new offensive against the government
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The Syrian rebels announced a counteroffensive on Assad. Such a radical decision was made due to ceasefire violation. Armed groups of the Syrian opposition announced a counteroffensive against the government forces, saying that they have taken this step due to ceasefire violation by the Syrian Army.

"We announce the beginning of the return of the battle in connection with the increasing violations by the regime forces, including attacks on displaced persons and the continuing bombardments of residential areas," the groups, which included factions fighting under the banner of the Free Syrian Army and Ahrar al-Sham, said in a joint statement on Monday.

The place, where a counter-offensive will be held, is not specified.

A powerful rebel group "Jaish al-Islam" is one of the signatories of the document. It controls the region of Eastern Ghouta, located to the east of the Syrian capital Damascus.

One of its leaders is Mohammed Alloush, who is a representative of the main opposition bloc in Geneva, the High Negotiations Committee.

Recently, Alloush called for attacks on Syrian Army despite the continuing fragile armistice.

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