Monday, April 18 2016 00:30 EEST
Russia, political hint and diplomatic warning - Solomon Mann
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Russia has comprehended a political hint that the USA is ready to shoot down all the Russian planes, which are to commit excesses in neutral territories.

The recent maneuvers, which had been performed by a Russian pilot over the US destroyer, were described as hooliganism even by Russian analysts.

The captain’s mate was outraged: "as we can see, the plane does not carry weapons, it cannot attack. We are not beasts to shoot down the unarmed aircraft. However, everything has its limits, all in all..." Americans’ patience obviously came to an end. Therefore, John Kerry diplomatically warned that Russian aircraft can be shot down, and the Russians will not enjoy pity any more if the incident repeats. At least, John Kerry’s statement about the fact that the militaries had the right to shoot down the bully should be understood in this way.

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