Sunday, April 17 2016 23:03 EEST
All the new dirty tricks of the Republican establishment are being made in an attempt to defeat Donald Trump, who strongly disturbs the Republican bosses - Solomon Mann
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They have been quietly sitting on their long-occupied seats for years, worrying not about the Republican Party’s success in the elections, but about the chances to make successful "fixed games" with the Democrats, so that the Republican officials and "leaders" wouldn’t be offended.

This time, the trick was especially dishonest as it broke all the party’s rules.

Last year, prudent Republicans introduced an unbelievable system that had nothing to do neither with primaries, nor with caucuses. In Colorado, all 34 delegates were received by a candidate… at a closed meeting of the party’s activists In other words, the Republican Party isn’t satisfied with electors’ gathering (caucus) – it wants to make the candidate’s election its own property. Now absolutely all the electors know that Donald Trump is the only Republicans’ hope to keep the party and not to ruin it by transforming it into a disgusting cast of the CPSU.

One more scandal has occurred in the course of the elections: some influential activists are against the candidacy of Cruz, because they believe that he has no right to take part in the presidential run as he wasn’t born in the United States. He was born in Canada, being an American only on his mother’s side, while his father is a Cuban. The lawsuit was filed in court by a law professor from the Catholic University of South Jersey. He has lost the case, but still intends to continue to seek the truth.

In my opinion, the Republicans should clean their party from “contamination”, become transparent, and regain the status of the defenders of law, protecting American rights and values.

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