Sunday, April 17 2016 16:40 EEST
An earthquake of 6.2 moment magnitude occurred the city Kumamoto, on the island of Kyushu, Japan
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Nine people died when an earthquake shook southwestern Japan's island Kyushu on Thursday. According to NHK, more than one thousand people have suffered from the destructive earthquake on southwestern Japan's Kyushu island.

Earlier, the Japanese government reported about 760 hospitalized people due to the earthquake. However, at the moment it is known that nine people lost their lives, while 860 are injured, among which 53 people are in critical condition.

It is the first earthquake to occur on the island of Kyushu to register as a 7 on Japan Meteorological Agency seismic intensity scale.

In the following hours, there were at least 11 aftershocks of at least 4.5 magnitude, one of which was a 6.

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