Sunday, April 17 2016 16:10 EEST
Russian President Vladimir Putin was answering questions from the public during his traditional live Q&A session on Thursday, April 14
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During the session, Putin took questions from Russian residents from across the country.

The head of state of Russia told about his personal life after the divorce and about the future first lady.

Vladimir Putin's personal life almost always has been a taboo subject for the public. At the beginning of 2000s, his wife rarely appeared at the public events, and later, she became a recluse and completely stopped giving interviews.

The couple informed that they are divorced in 2013, and since that time, Putin categorically avoids answering questions about his personal life. First of all, he promised to find the first lady after his ex-wife will marry again, and now he strongly recommends to stay out of his private life.

A resident of St. Petersburg asked him: "When will you introduce us the first lady?"

Putin answered: "Hmm. You know, me and Lyudmila Alexandrovna sometimes meet each other. Not really often. We have very good relations. Probably, our relations are better than they were before. But I know that she's all right. She is happy with her life. And I'm pleased with my life. Is it necessary to highlight such issues that you touched on? I don't know how it would impact the exchange rate difference, or the oil price. Maybe someday I will be able to satisfy your curiosity. Thank you very much."

Besides that, a little Russian girl has put Russian President in a "difficult position" due to the question about Poroshenko and Erdogan.

12-year-old girl Varvara Kuznetova asked a compromising question: "If the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan were drowning, whom would you save first?"

Vladimir Putin: " Oh, Varya, you're putting me in a difficult position. I don't know what to say. If someone decided to drown, that's impossible to save him. But, of course, we are always ready to lend a helping hand and friendship to any of our partners, if they want it."

Heretofore, Putin told about the partnership with the majority of countries and friendship with the closest neighbors. He also emphasized that today Turkish authorities are cooperating with radicals.

Putin: "There's actually a civil war. We try not to notice that. The weekly acts of terrorism..."

Moreover, according to, the builder, who asked questions to Putin about non-payment of wages at the cosmodrome "Vostochny", is under arrest.

Anton Tyurishev, the builder from the cosmodrome "Vostochny", was arrested for 5 days by Russian law enforcement authorities – for this reason, he is preparing to go on hunger strike.

Tyurishev reported this decision by SMS.

After he was invited to preventive conversation, law enforcement authorities drew up a protocol for the alleged usage of foul language in a public place, and just took a man to the court.

The reason is an article in the Russian newspaper about the workers of the Pacific company that are ready to organize mass protests to mark the anniversary of their appeal to Russian President.

The company's employees appealed to Putin in his traditional live Q&A session one year ago, complaining about non-payment of salaries. Russian President promised to investigate this case, but the wages have not been paid yet.

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