Sunday, April 17 2016 15:15 EEST
US to deploy carrier-borne aircraft in Turkey
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The measures are necessary to fight against Daesh, the EUCOM assured. US Marine Corps will deploy several EA-6B Prowler carrier-borne planes in Turkey to support the anti-Daesh coalition, Sputnik reports, referring to the EUCOM’s statement.

“Prowlers are to provide the coalition’s aircraft and ground forces with umbrella protection from Daesh, performing radio interception and depriving the enemy of the ability to communicate," the statement reads.

The planes will be deployed to Incirlik Air Base of the US Air Force in September.

Earlier, the Americans have sent B-52 strategic bombers to Al Udeid Air Base in the central part of Qatar.

There is not the only one power that could fight against Daesh. The number of Islamists’ opponents includes governmental troops of Syria and Iraq, the US-led international coalition (which still is limited with air strikes) as well as the Kurds, the Lebanese and Iraqi Shia militants.

According to, American President Barack Obama said that the number of Daesh militants had been reduced to its lowest level in the last two years.

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