Friday, April 15 2016 19:35 EEST
In the territorial waters of Colombia, a submarine with 5.8 tons of cocaine on board was detained
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A special operation was conducted by the U.S. and Colombian naval forces. The submarine, which was carrying 5.8 tons of cocaine, has been detained in the Colombian territorial waters. Special operation was conducted by the naval forces of the Republic and the U.S., according to Terra Colombia.

The narco-submarine was intercepted in the Pacific Ocean, in 250 nautical miles from the border with Ecuador. "Four people operated the submarine: three Colombians and one Mexican, who sailed in the hope of escaping the authorities control, and all of them were detained," leading news portal Notimex cites a message of the Colombian Navy.

A narco-submarine also called "narco-sub" or "drug sub" is a type of custom-made ocean-going self-propelled submersible vessel constructed by drug traffickers to smuggle drugs. They are especially known to be used by Colombian drug cartel members to export cocaine from Colombia to Mexico, which is often then transported overland to the United States.

Colombia, along with Peru and Bolivia, is considered as a one of the main suppliers of cocaine to the world "black" market. It was the 25th time a "narco-sub", heading for America, has been intercepted since November 2006.

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