Thursday, April 14 2016 17:35 EEST
Russian embassy in Yerevan was bombarded with eggs
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Russia was urged to stop selling weapons to Azerbaijan. The Russian embassy in Yerevan was bombarded with eggs during a rally against the sale of Russia’s weapons to Azerbaijan. The protest’s participants marched from the Freedom Square to the building of the Russian embassy.

During the march, activists made a stop at the Armenian government building and warned the country’s leadership against visiting the EAEU summit.

The demonstrators broke through a police cordon at the Russian embassy and began to throw coins and eggs into the building. According to the protestors, it is Russia that destabilizes the situation in the region by selling weapons to Azerbaijan.

The activists claimed that Moscow should respect Yerevan’s security and national interests when making its decisions, and therefore, it should immediately stop selling weapons to Baku.

They also called on diaspora to hold rallies not only at the embassies of Azerbaijan, but also at the Russian ones.

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