Friday, April 15 2016 17:15 EEST
Daesh menaces American Muslim leaders
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On Wednesday, Daesh expressed threats to several high-ranking American Muslims in its own magazine Dabiq.

One of the victims mentioned in the list of Daesh is American Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota who, in his turn, has accused Daesh of overturning Islam's ideas. In his statement, he noted that the entire Daesh is just a collection of rapists, murderers and cheaters.

No real Muslim recognizes the things they call Islam, he says.

A separate statement was also made by Awad, who’s the head of a Muslim social organization.

All the lives and deaths are in the God’s hands, Awad said. According to him, this threat made by Daesh is just a logical result of the things American Muslims do in order to oppose evil Islamists. The leader mentioned that the best way to react to the threats is to go on with challenging the terrorists of Daesh, Front al-Nusra and all the groups, which try to demonize Islam.

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