Friday, April 15 2016 16:50 EEST
USA promises to meet refugees’ aims in spite of everything
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On Wednesday, the USA said it is going to meet refugees’ admittance aims that were claimed last year. Last September, the USA said it’s going to accept 10,000 migrants by September 30, 2016. However, the first Syrian family that had used American help came just this month.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest mentioned that he personally saw no obstacles for these intentions, but said that the people who came to the USA as refugees had to go through more careful check than anyone else.

According to him, the checking rules won’t be weakened to make refugees arrive faster.

The first Syrian family, which is to be resettled by the USA, arrived to Kansas City last week.

The head of the family Ahmad al-Abboud says that American residents don’t have to be scared of him and his five kids.

Abboud’s family spent three years in Jordan, where it used government food vouchers.

Republican presidential candidates are worried about Syrian refugees. They are sure that these people are extremely dangerous for the entire nation. 31 states have noted that they wouldn’t help the resettlement within their borders.

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