Friday, April 15 2016 16:40 EEST
Turkey detained Russian spies for murder of Kavkaz-Center admin
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Two Russians, who are suspected of involvement in the murder of Chechen Islamist Abdulvahid Edilgeriev, have been detained in Istanbul as a result of a joint operation of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization and police, the Hurriyet Daily reports.

The alleged killers, Yuri Anisimov, 52, and Alexander Smirnov, 55, were detained during their preparations for a new operation. They have refused to cooperate with police.

According to investigators, the Russians arrived in Turkey with forged passports. During the search, police also found fake Interpol’s IDs. Furthermore, there are a lot of photos on their memory cards.

Turkish authorities have given no official comments on the Russians’ detention. The Hurriyet Daily describes them as spies, but it is unclear whether they are accused of spying or just the murder.

Edilgeriev was killed on November 1, 2015 near his home in Istanbul. It was reported that two criminals were guilty of the incident.

Abdulvahid Edilgeriev was Movladi Udugov’s relative. He was known as admin of Kavkaz-Center that was recognized as extremist site in Russia. His father-in-law Isa Umarov is a member of the Caucasus Emirate terrorist group.

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