Friday, April 15 2016 16:05 EEST
Russia tells about cost of keeping Lenin's body
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Russia says it’s going to give about $200,000 to preserve Vladimir Lenin's body this year. The sum, which is to be spent to keep the leader's remains in "lifelike condition", was revealed on the State Procurement Agency website.

According to the statement, it is necessary to do some work of "biomedical nature" and the federal budget will pay for it. All the repairs to Lenin’s body have been carried out by special Russian laboratory since 1924.

A lot of people of the post-Soviet era have said that it’d be better to bury Lenin rather than to keep him in his glass coffin where all the public can watch him. According to a recent poll, 62% of Russians think it really would be better to bury the leader, but the Kremlin still rejects this idea.

The messages about the sum for preserving Lenin's body have caused quite an ambiguous reaction among the Internet users. Some of them rejected the very idea of spending so much money on the "mummy". Someone claimed the Communists are going to clone the famous Bolshevik to make him return to power.

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