Friday, April 15 2016 15:35 EEST
USA sentenced Reuters’ ex-employee to two years in jail for helping Anonymous hackers
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The US court has sentenced Reuters’ ex-employee Matthew Keyes to two years in jail for helping hackers, who got access to the site of the newspaper Los Angeles Times. The individuals who hacked the site were members of Anonymous organization.

Matthew Keyes was accused of promoting hacking in 2013, when he still was Reuters’ employee, RIA Novosti reported. He helped the hackers to get all the necessary information to log in, so that they were able to change materials on the website themselves.

Keyes’s lawyer insisted that his actions were a joke. However, it was recognized that Keyes’s actions cost the company $18 thousand of damage and 333 working hours, which were spent on attempts to get rid of consequences of hacking.

Hacker group Anonymous became famous for a number of successful break-ins. Thus, the hackers from Anonymous have declared "total war" on billionaire Donald Trump, who is one of the candidates for the US presidency. In addition, they claimed responsibility for hacking Trump’s voicemail, shared his personal data on the Internet, and said the new attacks are to put an end to his campaign. Furthermore, the group also says it leads a cyber-war against Daesh.

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