Friday, April 15 2016 15:20 EEST
CIA has "plan B" to support Syrian opposition – WSJ
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The CIA is preparing an alternative plan in case of ceasefire violation in Syria. It intends to provide military support for the moderate opposition, The Wall Street Journal writes.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its Middle Eastern partners are planning to provide the Syrian moderate opposition with more powerful weapons in case of ceasefire violation in the country. This was reported on April 12 by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that cited internal sources.

One of the points of the so-called Plan B suggests that the opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime will get weapon systems that will allow strikes on artillery and air forces of the government.

Details of the plan to support the Syrian moderate opposition were discussed at the secret meeting of high-ranking representatives of the CIA with their Middle Eastern partners in late February 2016 and during the following meetings, the source said. According to the revealed information, the participants of the discussion have generally agreed on basic principles of the "plan B", but the decision of providing the Syrian opposition with weapon systems should be approved by the White House.

According to the CIA, the Syrian opposition has already got several MANPADS through illegal channels. The American side is concerned that these systems may fall into terrorists’ hands, who would use them against civilian aircraft. The CIA’s Middle Eastern partners offer to equip the complexes with geosensors, so that MANPADS could be used in definite areas only, as well as to install the systems, which limit battery life. They hope that these measures can minimize risks of improper use of the complexes, WSJ writes. However, according to the newspaper, Washington has not approved these plans yet.

The CIA assured its allies that if the agreement on the “plan B” is coordinated with the White House, more powerful weapons will be provided to the opponents of Assad’s regime only in case of the ceasefire and political settlement violation (the so-called "plan A").

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