Thursday, April 14 2016 19:55 EEST
European migrant crisis pushes people to Britain
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According to the Migration Observatory, more and more people from the south of Europe go to Great Britain due to jobs crisis in the Eurozone. During the recent years, the number of Europeans in the UK has increased to 3.3 million. Half of all the migrants came from Poland.

The Migration Observatory doesn’t define any single factor for such a tendency. It is sure that there are several of them, including some economic reasons.

About 70% of all the European migrants who leave for Britain claim that they come there to work. However, more than half of them have already had a job to start.

Researchers from the Migration Observatory said they had made an effort to define reasons for migration from the EU to the UK.

According to official reports, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Italy provided almost half of all the EU migrants in Britain. In 2011-2015, the number of migrants from these six countries reached about 500,000 people, while Italy, Portugal and Spain lost a million jobs during the same period.

The Migration Observatory once mentioned that one of the reasons for such a huge tendency is low salaries and high unemployment rate in some of the EU member states. Moreover, it revealed such factor as stable and fast economic growth in separate EU countries that also attracted people very much. 

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