Thursday, April 14 2016 19:40 EEST
Canadian 'black widow' goes in jail again
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A woman who had got a name "Black Widow" for a number of accusations, including murders of her male partners, was charged with breaking conditions of her release. Melissa Ann Shepard, 80, accused of poisoning her husband with drugs, was released after her jail term finished.

However, according to police, she is a hardcore criminal. Thus, they set several strict conditions for her, including not using the Internet.

Furthermore, police officers have warned men to stay out of Shepard.

In addition, she now has to keep a curfew and tell police about all the romantic affairs she’d like to start.

Her prior accusations include the murder of the second husband in 1992. Then she drugged the man and ran over with a car.

As for her third husband, he died in 2002 just after they got married. However, Shepard is considered to be innocent.

In 2005, the woman was jailed for five years. She met a men from Florida, lived with him for a month, and then cleaned him out.

Last October, Shepard was charged one more time for adding tranquilizers into her husband’s coffee. 

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