Thursday, April 14 2016 19:30 EEST
Daesh fighters’ brides fight for the right to become suicide bombers
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Frightened Daesh fighters’ brides beg to give them the right to become suicide bombers as this can end their suffering. They cannot bear the life of victims and slaves, who are being raped by terrorists.

According to new data released by UNICEF, every fifth bomber of a malevolent group Boko Haram, which is Daesh ally, is a child.

Three quarters of them are girls, many of whom have been kidnapped and forced into marriage.

Some of them were only eight years old. One of the teenage girls, who had managed to escape, said that deadly missions were their only one option.

"They ask: "Who wants to become a suicide bomber? Girls shout: "Me, me, me!" They fought for the right to carry out a terrorist attack. The reason for this is that if one gives them a bomb, they will have a chance to meet soldiers and say: "There is a bomb on me", and the soldiers will remove it. They are able to escape. People are scared, because no matter where you hear the word "suicide bomber", this surely is a young girl," she says.

According to the escapee’s words, the number of girls she met includes 200 Nigerian students who were kidnapped in 2014.

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