Thursday, April 14 2016 19:10 EEST
Most influential British politician dates a whore
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Secretary of State for Culture from David Cameron’s administration has said he had relationship with a woman from a dating site, but she never told him about her job. Secretary of State for Culture John Whittingdale admitted that he had relationship with a whore.

Responding to rumors, which have been spreading on the Internet during the recent weeks, Whittingdale said that the relationship lasted six months only. The minister stopped the love affair after he found out that someone had tried to sell the provocative story to newspapers.

According to him, it had happened more than two years ago when he was a chairman of the parliamentary Culture, Media and Sport Committee and before the moment when he became a member of the UK cabinet.

Whittingdale, 56, has been a minister since 1992. He got married in 1990 and has two children, but now he is divorced. Earlier, he had been a political secretary of Margaret Thatcher and now he is struggling for Brexit.

The minister sent a message, in which he said that from August 2013 to February 2014 he had relationship with a lady, whom he had met through a dating site. She was about his age and lived not so far from his place. Despite their close relationship, she never talked about her real job. This was discovered only when the minister was told that somebody had tried to sell his love story to tabloids. The story is old and quite awkward, Whittingdale notes.

Downing Street has made no official statements about John Whittingdale’s affair.

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