Thursday, April 14 2016 18:55 EEST
Strange mutant python found in Malaysia
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250-pound creature was found under a tree by workers, who were building a new road on the Malaysian island of Penang. The huge python that was found by the workers at a construction site in Malaysia may be the longest snake ever caught.

This reticulated python, which can be usually found in Southeastern Asia, is about 8 meters long.

It was discovered by the workers, who were building a new road on the resort island of Penang. They had to call the Civil Defence Department, and later it took them about half an hour to catch the snake.

According to Herme Hisyam from the Civil Defence Department of Malaysia, “it’s up to 8 meters long and it weighs about 250 kilos."

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest snake currently is a reticulated python Medusa (7.3 meters) that lives in Missouri, the United States.

Jungles and wild woods are habitats of snakes, which can be even longer than their known relatives. Thus, in 1912, Indonesians found and killed a 2-meter python. Moreover, in 2009, scientists found bones of a snake whose length is believed to be about 12.8 meters.

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