Thursday, April 14 2016 13:02 EEST
Watch: Defendant shocked with 50,000 volts of electricity, then told to calm down... is this for real?
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A former Maryland judge who pled guilty to a civil rights violation for ordering a defendant to be physically shcked in his courtroom will have to take anger-management classes as part of his sentence.

The video showing the despicable act by ruthless Nalley will do to really get your blood boiling while also causing you to also lose your faith in human decency and kindness. See on your own the way the judge keeps telling King, who’s behaving the complete time peacefully, to avoid talking.

Instead of a fine or other sanctions, the man had tried the blows of 50 thousand volts.

When he continues speaking, that’s when Nalley loses it and unleashes his harsh demand. The judge orders the court deputy to “utilize it” (the taser), of which point King falls to the ground, screaming while remaining in a fetal position uncontrollably.

The judicial community sentenced the cruel judge to a fine of $ 5000.

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