Wednesday, April 13 2016 17:00 EEST
English cricket star James Taylor is to retire
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Famous English cricket player James Taylor is to retire because of a serious problem with his heart.

On Monday, it turned out that James Taylor, 26, suffered from ARVC. This serious heart condition is quite a common problem for sportsmen. In particular, it was previously discovered in a footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Nottinghamshire Director of Cricket noted that the whole Taylor’s team was extremely upset to find out this news, because he always was known as the most hard working cricket player. Thus, undoubtedly, his leaving would be a big loss for all of them.

On Tuesday, Muamba, who had suffered a heart attack during the match in 2012, expressed his best wishes to Taylor. Life is great and retirement sometimes just comes earlier than we expect, he notes.

Taylor started his professional career with Leicestershire and then left for Trent Bridge five years ago. In 2012, the player experienced his Test debut against South Africa.

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