Tuesday, April 12 2016 18:10 EEST
North Korea now claims it has brought the United States within its nuclear reach
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South Korean officials have said that they have a progress with its techologies and nuclear program.

According to reports from the Korean Central News Agency, on Saturday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un  said that North Korea "can tip new-type intercontinental ballistic rockets with more powerful nuclear warheads and keep any cesspool of evils in the earth, including the U.S. mainland, within our striking range."

This announcement might have US leaders worried.

On the other hand, a politician Mike Huckabee shared on his Facebook page: " North Korea claims that it now has missiles that can deliver a nuclear warhead to the US mainland. Many foreign policy experts believe that’s just propaganda, and they’re not really capable of that. Then again, we were told back in the ‘90s by foreign policy experts that it was safe to allow North Korea to build centrifuges for peaceful energy generation because UN inspectors would make sure they never weaponized their program to build nuclear warheads. Same thing we’re hearing now about Iran. So to sum up: our chief defense against aggressive rogue nations building and using nuclear weapons is the hope that they always remain as incompetent as our own foreign policy experts."

North Korea (officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK) declared in 2009 that it had developed a nuclear weapon, and possesses a small stockpile of relatively simple nuclear weapons. North Korea may also have a chemical and/or biological weapons capability. Since 2003, North Korea is no longer a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

On February 7, 2016, roughly a month after the alleged hydrogen bomb test, North Korea claimed to have put a satellite into orbit around the Earth. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe had warned the North to not launch the rocket, and if it did and the rocket violated Japanese territory, it would be shot down. Nevertheless, North Korea launched the rocket anyway, claiming the satellite was purely intended for peaceful, scientific purposes. Several nations, including the United States, Japan, and South Korea, have criticized the launch, and despite North Korean claims that the rocket was for peaceful purposes, it has been heavily criticized as an attempt to perform an ICBM test under the guise of a peaceful satellite launch.

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