Wednesday, April 13 2016 16:46 EEST
UK created world's first eatable wedding dress
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The UK created the first eatable wedding dress in the world. The creative process, which was incredibly painstaking, took 300 hours, the Metro reports. The height of the dress is almost two meters and the weight stands at 75 kilos.

The outlet notes that the creators of the unique dress are famous candy-maker Silvia Elba, artist Ilinka Rnic and Fun N Funky Cakes’ founder Yvette Marner.

The creators noted that they used a lot of eatable wafer paper, 3 kilos of sweet lace and 35 kg of fondant.

"You cannot put it on, but you can marry it," the outlet mentioned.

The eatable dress will be first presented at the international exhibition of confectionery products, which is to be held in London on April 16-17.

Earlier, it has been reported that British created the world's first tweed suit for a horse.

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