Wednesday, April 13 2016 16:30 EEST
A feud between rival families holding weddings on the same day in a southern Chinese village erupted into a four-hour street battle
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Two rival families from a Chinese village held their weddings on one and the same day. However, the solemn moments were spoiled with a four-hour street fight.

The fight started in Guangxi on Sunday when a wedding procession tried to go under an archway that was constructed for another family. According to the pictures, which were made at the scene, the guests and relatives fought with fireworks and knives.

Later, police arrived and arrested several people. The incident left no casualties.

According to reports, the fight started after the members of the Lin and Qi families refused to make way for each other.

As both sides stated, the fact that they had their weddings on one and the same day and one and the same road was ill-omened.

The pictures taken at the scene show a huge crowd of people, which gathered at the archway and shouted. Then they started throwing fireworks in the street while others decided to flee.

It still is unknown whether the couples managed to get married.

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