Tuesday, April 12 2016 18:03 EEST
Anthony Joshua: Why should I lower myself to Tyson Fury's level?
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Anthony Joshua, a new IBF heavyweight champion criticized his compatriot Tyson Fury.

Joshua: "Why should I lower myself to Tyson Fury's level? He should act like a champion, but he acts like a kid. You see what an eight-pack and some muscles can do, knock out a champion in two rounds. Maybe he should take some tips."

"I don't really say much to that because I'm not going to lower myself to his level."

"Fury should be happy that I won, because we're bringing some limelight to the heavyweight division."

Anthony Joshua also added: "Stop worrying about me, focus on Klitschko."

The rematch was reportedly targeted for May 7th.

Anthony Joshua concluded: "I'm here to knock people out. That's what people want to see. People come to see blood and I've got no problem drawing blood for people. I enjoy it."

Joshua won his first world heavyweight title on Saturday with a second-round stoppage of Charles Martin.

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