Tuesday, April 12 2016 17:54 EEST
A man was painted in Ukrainian flag colors for separatism in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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The state initiative activists caught a man, who was suspected of separatism, and painted him in the colors of the Ukrainian national flag. Members of the movement caught him at the moment when he was writing the word "Russia" on the wall.

The man was taken to the police station. The detainee also admitted that he wrote the words "Novorossiya", literally "New Russia", "Russia" and "Russ" for two years, while supporting the association of the region with Russian Federation.

In the photo, you can see a man with a blue-colored face and yellow-colored T-shirt. 

It is noted that the citizen is working as a janitor and security guard in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in Novomoskovsk and Dnipropetrovsk.

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