Tuesday, April 12 2016 17:24 EEST
Lady Gaga joined Vice President Joe Biden in Las Vegas on Thursday for a rally against sexual assault
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American pop singer Lady Gaga has joined US Vice President Joe Biden at a rally against sexual assault in Las Vegas. The politician admired the artist’s courage she needed to tell about her experience of being raped and to express her emotions in a song Til It Happens to You.

The song was written for The Hunting Ground documentary that reveals cases of sexual assault in American campuses. Gaga admitted she was greatly honored to support the initiative, The Daily Mail writes.

Barack Obama’s deputy, 73, described the 30-year-old singer as one of the bravest rape victims. Furthermore, he noted her role in raising awareness about sexual aggression in schools.

The event was part of It's On Us campaign, which was organized to support rape victims.

According to the newspaper, the Vice President’s 40-minute speech mentioned "sickening cultural norm" of sexual assault, including an effort to brand the rape victims with shame, and passivity of society.

The singer told the press that she had been raped at the age of 19.

In addition, a few days ago, the star was spotted at the 25th annual rally of lesbians known as Dinah Shore Festival in California. 20 thousand of lesbians were celebrating in Springs Palm during five days. The guests enjoyed not only the performance of Gaga, but also of Lea DeLaria and other artists.

As Ukrainian NTN TV channel reports, there were no men at the party except several servants. The whole event was organized as a golf tournament by a famous American actress Dinah Shore, who is not homosexual.

Furthermore, it was reported that the musical instrument, which the American singer used to play as a child, is to be sold at New York auction in May. Future celebrity’s grandparents bought the piano in 1996 for $780. Julien's Auctions evaluated the "relic" for $200 000-250 000. The money that the auction will get is to be given for charity.

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