Monday, April 11 2016 13:20 EEST
Watch: Tiger attacked a 14-year-old girl in the zoo of Barnaul and injured her leg
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A tiger has attacked a 14-year-old girl at a zoo in Barnaul, in Siberias Altai Territory, injuring her leg. It happened April 10, at about 22:00. According to investigatory, two minor girls illegally entered the territory of private zoo «Lesnaia Skazka».

One of them jumped the fence at the cage with the tiger. As a result, the animal caught the minor legs. She was rescued by passers-by who managed to distract the predator and drag the child from the cage.

The girl was hospitalized with wounds but her life is not under threat.

The animal could have been infuriated with the alcohol smell coming from one of the girls, the official added.

TV channel "Zvezda" got a video of tiger attack in Barnaul zoo. On the video you can see a tiger calmly walking in the cage, and then sharply directed towards the fence.

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