Monday, April 11 2016 12:19 EEST
Nick Vujicic’s rules of life for ATO warriors: Photographs from military hospital

Legendary Australian has shown how one can live after losing limbs. Australian philanthropist, writer and singer Nick Vujicic has visited the Central Military Hospital. Nick is known for the fact that he was born without limbs. However, he enjoys a full life and is a real living proof that life can be normal in any physical condition.

Nick met soldiers who became disabled after the battles in the Donbass, and tried to motivate them to live without limitations.

Australian Nick Vujicic met ATO fighters in the main military hospital of Kiev. A lot of them have lost their limbs in the battles in the Donbass, and Vujicic came to visit them in order to inspire Ukrainian soldiers and prove that life can be normal even without arms and legs.

Vujicic is known in all over the world. This legendary person is an Australian motivational speaker, philanthropist, writer and singer, who has overcome all the limitations. He was born with a rare hereditary disease and has no limbs and two undeveloped toes. However, Nick lives a full life, he’s married and has two kids. He goes in for several kinds of sport, works with PC and runs non-profit charity organization Life Without Limbs.

Speaking to the hospital’s patients, physicians and volunteers, Nick expressed gratitude and admiration for Ukrainian warriors. 

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