Monday, April 11 2016 12:09 EEST
Rebels captured the key stronghold of al-Rai from Daesh
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Syrian army has taken back the key town of al-Rai from Daesh. The capture of the northern town means a great victory for the rebels, because it provides an essential supply line from Turkey for the army.

Furthermore, about 200 workers disappeared after Daesh had attacked a factory at Damascus. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 140 people managed to escape. They still cannot confirm who exactly carried out the abductions in the factory. Some reports claim that Jaysh Tahrir al-Sham group is responsible for this.

The area around the factory has been the place for cruel battles between governmental troops and Daesh fighters.

According to the Observatory, the town is captured by rebels and Islamists.

Al-Rai can now be used as a place for the opposition’s future operations against Daesh. However, the opposition faced great danger from Daesh, as the jihadists had prepared various mines, car bombs and traps to hinder plans of the rebels.

Earlier, Daesh have announced its launch of several attacks at Damascus, including its power station and military airport.

It happened two weeks after Syrian government and its allies had recaptured Palmyra from Daesh.

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