Friday, April 8 2016 19:55 EEST
The so-called "vampire" killer who says he was taking orders from the devil is scheduled to be executed in Texas
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Texas has executed Pablo Lucio Vasquez, who was found guilty of a teenager’s murder. Moreover, he drank the victim’s blood, Fox News reports.

Vasquez, 38, was injected with a lethal dose of pentobarbital just after his petition for the execution’s postponement had been rejected by the US Supreme Court. The convict's relatives – his two sisters, a cousin and a brother-in-law – were present during the execution.

Before the deadly injection, Vasquez asked his victim’s family for forgiveness. "I would like to thank my family and apologize to David’s family,” the prisoner said. “They are the only persons who can forgive me. The justice is going to be fulfilled right now, so may the Lord accept me. See you in another world." He died 24 minutes after the injection.

Seventh-grader David Cardenas was killed on April 1998 when he and his sister came to visit his friend Andres Rafael Chapa, 15. On April 18, there was a party. Pablo Vazquez attended it too. The teens smoked a lot of marijuana. According to Vasquez, he then heard voices, which told him to kill David. When Cardenas went to the wood shed, Vasquez followed him, struck him in the head with a water pipe and then cut his throat. "I dragged him under his arms, but he was still alive and was saying something,” the killer told. “Then I lifted him in the air and felt the blood dripping on my face. The voice told me to drink his blood, and I did so, and then threw the body, because I had a strange feeling."

Few days later, police found the body of Cardenas in a field. It was covered with aluminum roofing sheets. The body was half-decapitated. Vasquez said "the devil told me to cut off the head, but it had no wish to come off."

Chapa, who took David’s gold ring and chain, went to jail for 35 years for participation in the murder. Vasquez’s three other relatives got just probations and small fines for help in covering up the crime. One of them was deported to Guatemala, which is his historical homeland.

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