Monday, April 11 2016 11:52 EEST
''Just try to invade Poland and you’ll see that after the Donbas murders the worst is still to come'' – Polish political analyst Yakub Koreyba
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Polish political expert and journalist, professor of MGIMO Jakub Koreyba has made a strict statement, which strongly hit supporters of the war in Donbas, Putin’s aid and the "Russian world".

According to RBC-Ukraine, Koreyba took part in Vesti.Doc talk show and discussed Alexander Rogatkin’s movie "Without statute of limitation" that tells about the war in Ukraine from Russia’s and separatists’ point of view. In addition, he noted that the Soviet Union had been an ally of Adolf Hitler, who attacked his native Poland.

The Polish expert said that "all the imperial bastards and corrupt separatists" would have the fate similar to the Donbas residents. "I am very glad that you have shown this movie, I would show it every day to make every imperial bastard and every corrupt separatist know what will happen if they start to make their sick ideas a reality. When you say that Ukrainians spread anti-Russian sentiment, I always recall the moment when my country was attacked by the best Soviet Union’s ally Adolf Hitler, and my grandfather and his friends killed the Germans and the Poles, who were on his side... If someone dares to attack us, one will see that the worst is still to come!" he said, commenting on the content of the documentary.

After Jakub Koreyba had revealed his position, it greatly excited all the fans of Vata Park. The Polish analyst just wanted to express his opinion on what was really happening in Ukraine. However, he was called a Nazi, and then was kicked out of the studio.

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