Monday, April 11 2016 11:51 EEST
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US Navy to get most expensive and biggest aircraft carrier ever built
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Gerald R. Ford is the most expensive aircraft carrier of all the warships ever built. It is expected to join the US Navy this September, the Navy spokesman reported. The construction was started in 2009 and as of March, it was ready by 97%. They plan to start its durability test in July, so that two months later, the ship could join the US Navy.

Gerald Ford is the world's largest warship. Its length is 332 meters and its weight is about 100 thousand tons. Gerald Ford will be the first ship in a new class of American multi-targeted nuclear carriers.

Its board can accommodate about 4,400 people and 75 units of aircraft and helicopters. It is expected to become a landing platform for advanced F-35 fighters.

According to preliminary data, up to 25% more planes will be able to rise from its board compared to any aircraft carrier currently used by the US Navy.

The ship was named after the 38th American President, who died in 2006. He served aboard the USS Monterey during the Second World War and left the Navy as Lt. Cdr.

The next ship of the same class will be John F. Kennedy, which is planned to join the Navy in 2020. This ship was ready by 18% as of March.

Also, the new class of ships is to replace Enterprise- and Nimitz-class ships in the US Navy.

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