Monday, April 11 2016 11:49 EEST
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A high school production of an infamously gory play became a real-life nightmare when two students were slashed with an actual razor mistakenly used during the opening night’s show
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An incident occurred during students’ performance in New Zealand. One of the actors was carrying out a feigned execution on stage and accidentally cut his colleague’s throat. The play was about a maniac barber who killed his clients to make meat pies of them, The New York Post writes.

The razor that one of the actors was holding was wrapped with Scotch tape. According to the head of the college, where the play was staged, the razor was blunt and well isolated. Furthermore, it had been tested for safety before.

"It was an incident," Steve Cole, the head of the college said.

Both actors were injured as a result of the incident. They were hospitalized but released the next day. Their lives aren’t in danger anymore.

The play’s directors claimed that the staging continues, but it doesn’t include the dangerous props.

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