Friday, April 8 2016 19:31 EEST
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A £1 million artwork of Donald Trump which portrays the Republican frontrunner in the nude will be exhibited for the first time at a London gallery
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The portrait of a naked US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Donald Trump will be exhibited for the first time in London. "Make America Great Again" is painted by an artist Illma Gore.

In the process of creating this awkward painting, Illma Gore tried to imagine how Trump might look like without clothes. Her imaginative efforts resulted in a rather provocative canvas.

Illma admitted that she received death threats a thousand times. She was trying to sell it on eBay website, but an image of the painting was removed.

Since she couldn’t exhibit her painting in the USA, she was forced to go to the UK. 

It is reported that the portrait of a naked Donald Trump will be exhibited at the Maddox Gallery, in April 11.

The daring painter said: "It seems like the United Kingdom has such an appreciation for art and is far removed enough to see the idea behind it."

Illma Gore is an Australian-American artist, who lives and works in Los Angeles. Since she is a gender fluid feminist performance and street artist, Gore’s work is based on political topics and the physical self, the significance and importance we place on our bodies.

"From an early age it became evident that everything I did was juxtaposing; the first lesson I learned as a child was not to draw on the walls, but all I saw was a big blank canvas," Illma Gore.

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