Friday, April 8 2016 19:44 EEST
Indonesian singer died of cobra bite during concert

Indonesian singer Irma Bule died of a cobra’s bite on stage right before her fans’ eyes during her concert in Karawang, West Java, the Daily Mail reports. The 29-year-old woman was famous for using snakes for her shows. During her speech, Irma Bule stepped on one of them, the king cobra Rianta, which bit the singer in the hip.

The cobra’s teeth were removed, but the animal still managed to inject its poison. Irma Bule didn’t stop the show and continued singing on her knees. Furthermore, she refused to take the antidote.

45 minutes later, the singer went into convulsions and began vomiting. This horrible scene was captured on video.

Doctors recognized the singer’s death in a hospital.

The king cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world. Its venom is enough to kill an elephant, but its bites usually aren’t fatal for humans, because the cobra prefers not to waste all its poison for such a victim as it’s needed for hunting.

Earlier, it also has been reported that a Japanese actor was killed on stage with a sword, and an Italian actor hanged himself during the performance.

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