Thursday, April 7 2016 16:39 EEST
Bangladeshi student met his indescribably cruel death
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A 28-year-old student used to openly express his secular views online – and was finally hacked in Dhaka. According to police, he was killed with machete and later shot on Wednesday.

Some reports claim he organized a special campaigning group that was known as Ganajagran Manch.

A number of secular bloggers were attacked by Bangladeshi extremists during the last year.

Official Bangladesh is absolutely secular. However, separate extremists’ attacks still happen despite all the government’s efforts to stop them.

Three killers on a bike attacked the student and shot him, The Dhaka Tribune writes.

Police neither named the suspects, nor confirmed any motives for the incident.

The student Nazimuddin Samad used to share different posts against religious extremists on Facebook.

"I have no religion," he noted in his own profile.

Bangladesh has faced several attacks in the last months. However, it is still unknown who is responsible for them.

Four secular bloggers were killed there last year only. All of them were included in a list of 84 atheists that was created by Daesh in 2013. It is Daesh that claimed responsibility for most attacks, but there still have been no direct evidence for the claim. 

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